EXTREME HOBBY brand has been founded in 2011. Our clothing is aimed mainly for active people, football supporters and especially for those who are interested in extreme sports. We are open for all sports disciplines. We are building our brand image on the excellent quality of the clothes. Many factors affect the fact that we realize all the production in Poland. This is primarily a guarantee of quality and detalied workmanship, which we are able to control during production. It also affects a faster turnaround time.

Our projects and quality are being appreciated by the biggesr sports federations, as Polsat Boxing Night or Exclusive Fight Night, which emitting their events to the general public on the commercial channels. Due to this cooperation we reached a whole new audience, who are increasingly willing to reach for our productbeing convinced to the brand, as evidenced by an increace in the positive correspondence that we receive.

The satisfaction of our customers is our first priority and therefore is why we make every effort to ensure that orders were executed immediately, and offered goods are the highest quality. Thanks to the commitment of our employees, who can offer advice, shopping in our online store are pure pleasure.

Sportswear for men and women

EXTREME HOBBY is the perfect choice for those who value hard workouts. These professional compression training garments are characterized by exceptional strength and elasticity, all thanks to the use of the highest quality knitwear. The multi-layered structure of our rashguards, race t-shirts, bike t-shirts, grappling shorts, MMA shorts, skirts, tank top and leggings make them perfectly adherent to the body for comfort even in extreme stress.

Sportswear - training

Our training clothing has been designed to minimize the risk of injury by maximizing muscle warming while maintaining skin dryness. Our indestructible sportswear not only regulates and maintains body temperature during training but also eliminates any unpleasant odors. That is why they are an excellent choice for any physically active person. Regardless of whether you are looking for a gym jersey, leggings for running outdoors, rashguard for exercise - our training clothes will not let you down. Although our products are primarily designed for contact sports (martial arts and MMA), they will also work well as water sports clothing or winter sportswear.

The high quality of our products is best demonstrated by the use of recognized fighters and fighters. In our clothing fight among others. Marcin "Różal" Różalski and Róża "Mała Mi" Gumienna. Also, Extreme Hobby is a strategic partner of FEN (Fight Exclusive Night), and the strength of our sportswear has repeatedly been tested in the heat of battle by cyclists during the cyclical gala. We only offer professional technical clothing checked many times in practice. Our products are exceptionally resistant to contracting, and the whole process of their production runs in Poland. Our sportswear is available in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Extreme Hobby - Durability and Rivalry

For Extreme Hobby sport is much more than just one way to spend your spare time. It's passion, the will to fight and the continual crossing. Since 2011, our company has proven that it is possible to produce clothes in Poland which will have not only high quality but also unique style. Today our clothing is synonymous with uncompromising sportswear of great strength. The values we admit are courage, tenacity, and uncompromising. At the same time, these are the qualities we try to pour into all our shirts, leggings and shorts. Our products are of high quality because the whole process of production takes place in Poland, so that we have full control over every stage of their output, attaching attention to the smallest detail. By purchasing Extreme Hobby products, you are assured that:
- they are 100% produced in Poland by Poles,
- You get a new high-quality product directly from our factory,
- thanks to them you will achieve 110% of your potential!
Extreme Hobby - Durability and Rivalry

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