There are hundreds of combinations of finishing the fight on the ground. Armlocks, leglocks, chokes, sweeps, control and punches. The winner is the one who outsmarts his opponent, there is no place for luck. While fighting on the ground you have to make quick decisions and adapt your strategy to your rival. For each action there comes a reaction just as in chess. Strength alone might not win you the fight. Agility, speed and intelligence might turn out to be even more crucial. It’s a game fought on the ground. The game is called Ground Game.

Ground Game brand was established in summer 2010. We aim to make a name for ourselves with the highest quality and breathtaking designs.

We make original products of the highest quality at prices that will not ruin your budget. With this philosophy in mind, we have developed a new generation of our GIs, shorts, rashguards or t-shirts. Constant development is crucial to us and we always strive to give you the best possible products. All our products are extensively tested to the highest standard with the help from our sponsored fighters. Designs are made by people who, like us, are passionate about martial arts.

We train, compete and are a part of the martial arts community and that is the reason why we value the relationship with our customers so much. We deliver products that we ourselves wear with pride everyday.
– Ground Game

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