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Although a grappling art, many Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioners are now choosing to protect their teeth with jiu-jitsu mouthguards and gum shields. In a sparring or tournament setting – or even when drilling techniques in class – accidents do happen from time to time. A mouthguard is a simple and effective way to protect yourself.

OPRO jiu-jitsu gum shields have a Boil and Bite design – quickly and easily moulding to your teeth for a great fit. Add one to your kit bag today.

Over the last 20 years, OPRO mouthguards have supplied millions of mouthguards worldwide to combat sports enthusiasts – from MMA and Boxing, Taekwondo, BJJ,  Muay Thai, and Karate.

OPRO are the Official Mouthguard of England Boxing, Great Britain Taekwondo and some of the largest MMA Associations worldwide, such as the UFC, FIGMMA and ACB MMA. You can trust our mouthguards to deliver when it counts.

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