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Ground Game "Yokai" Spats / Leggings

Ground Game "Yokai" Spats / Leggings

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"Yokai" Spats / Leggings - Ground Game

Yōkai (妖怪) – is a general name for creatures-monsters that appear in Japanese mythology. 

Kanji 弱肉強食 means "survival of the fittest". 

We've combined classic Japanese tattoo elements to make a battleground for two dragons. A fight scene between good and evil.


  • Top quality elastic, anti-pilling material
  • Specially designed to feel like second skin
  • Sublimated printings that will last forever
  • Excellent design

XS: Height: 155-164cm, weight: up to 60kg
S: Height: 165-173cm, weight: 60 up to 70kg
M: Height: 174-179cm, weight: 70 up to 80kg
L: Height: 180-186cm, weight: 80 up to 88kg
XL: Height: 187-193cm, weight: 89 up to 96kg
XXL: Height: 194-202cm, weight: over 96kg



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