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Extreme Hobby TM "Yakuza" Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Rebel Monkeys

Extreme Hobby TM "Yakuza" Long Sleeve Rash Guard

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"Yakuza" Long Sleeve Rash Guard - Extreme Hobby TM

Excellent quality rashguard HOBBY EXTREME is ideal for hard training people who appreciate the highest class of products.
Made of high quality material, which, thanks to its flexibility, clings to the body.
Sophisticated thermoregulation system by which the body is dry and the muscles warmed up.
Sublimated logos (will not scratch)

Size Chest (cm)
S 91 - 97
M 98 - 104
L 105 - 112
XL 113 - 120
2XL 121 - 127
3XL 128 - 135

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